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Support Permian Infrastructure Improvements

Help Support an Additional $235M in State Highway Funds for the Permian
In 2019, TXDOT created a funding category that initially allocated $600 million in state funds to support the needs and growth of the Permian's energy sector. $364 million was granted for critical roadway projects in our area.
This year, the remaining $235 million of this fund allocation is being considered for necessary infrastructure improvements in the Permian. Take a look at the proposed projects.
Your help is needed. As with the initial petition – which reaped a strong public backing – MOTRAN is requesting signatures supporting continued funds for this program.
Sign and share this petition with your friends, family, and colleagues in the area. Help keep the Permian moving forward!

Midland-Odessa Internet Speeds Survey 
From working at home to a bad connection while streaming a movie, we're aware of the critical role broadband connectivity can play in our daily lives.
More importantly, due to constraints on fiber lines in and out of our area, MOTRAN believes many people are paying for a certain level of service, but receiving a much lower level of service.
MOTRAN has designed a survey to demonstrate that issue to area providers so that 1) providers can improve their level of service in our area, and 2) you get the level of service for which you are paying.
Support this initiative by downloading the survey to track your Internet speeds.

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