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MORE MONEY ON THE WAY: Permian Basin Constitute 53% of All Statewide Comments on the 2021 UTP

A couple of years ago, we had communications with several state leaders about the need for additional funding and floated a plan that would utilize allocations from the UTP to accomplish strategic objectives (many long overdue) here in the Permian Basin.  At the time, we had a hard time finding support from several prominent local groups, but the support of so many individuals, like you, made a big difference.

This year, once again, you and others from around the Permian made your voice heard by expressing strong support for additional state roadway in the Permian Basin.  Your strong support led to the Commission programming of the remaining $235 million in Permian dedicated highway funding for critical infrastructure here in the Permian, or an additional $600 million in the last 2 years!

Your strong public support for these funds to continue this work, and to ask for the commission to continue future funding for this program.  We know our economy is struggling, but the Permian Basin makes up over 10% of our overall state economy and our 
economic recovery has an exponential impact on our state revenues.

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